HW: In all senses, our work always starts with the emotion. When I'm doodling in a book I might be down or when I'm or painting layers of fluff and fur, I'm escaping. I'm just kind of transferring my thoughts onto paper. My art is a byproduct of me figuring out what I'm doing. By finishing an artwork, I've had some kind of resolution. 

Andy finds satisfaction through challenging and pushing himself to shoot in all sorts of locations. The places of abyss and wilderness he finds seems to reflect those unknown moments in life. Shooting them in film and hand developing the images, captures that  moment, and the sense of unpredictability, we all face.

Collaborating was a natural progression for us. We both have our own passions, reasons and methods for creating, but we are on the same path and use our art to help each other along the way. It seemed only right that our emotional byproducts should collide. We both feel the same kind of resolution seeing our work come together.

As long as we have satisfied our own figuring out of an emotion in the piece, then it has done its job and we can leave it in the hands of the audience.

AF: We’ve always tried to do what we enjoy and are passionate about really. We are both risk-takers, love doing new things and try to say ‘yes’ to life and opportunities that come our way.

It is sometimes hard, but we try to surround ourselves with people who share our beliefs too. We get bored with the same old routine, and so traveling and creating our art is the perfect way for us to find inspiration in different places and inspire others to do what they love too.